"Thank you for your reply, this has put my mind at rest a lot as I still haven't got to see my midwife yet. This service ..."
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Welcome to midwivesonline.com the website that has over 700 questions that women (and in many cases, men) frequently ask when they are thinking about starting a family, or are already on the pregnancy journey.

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Looking after your newborn grandchild
Our grandchild has been born and my daughter wants me to help with childminding, how do I prepare for this...
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How long will it take to breastfeed my baby?
All babies are unique and as such I can't give you a specific time...
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Sleeping position
It is difficult to ensure that baby is not on one side of its head all the time....
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Janet's Babycare
Experienced child care covering London and the Home Counties, including parental consultation by a qualified Midwife...

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I CAN provides a combination of specialist therapy and education for children with complex disabilities...

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Twins UK
Twins, triplets and multiple births information, specialist products and unique gifts...

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