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Will I get help with breastfeeding while I’m in hospital

If you are planning to breast feed ask about specific breastfeeding support or information sessions available in your area, having all the extra information beforehand is really useful and will help in those first few weeks as you get breastfeeding established.

You should get breastfeeding support whilst in hospital both in delivery suite and on the wards; the support may come from a variety of sources not just the midwife caring for you. Many maternity units now have maternity support workers and they may be the staff who offer you support, others units encourage local voluntary breast feeding support workers to come in and talk to women and offer support and guidance whilst they are still in hospital and afterwards at home.

There are a few tips to remember to aid successful breast feeding:-

  • Skin to skin contact at birth is essential to aid adequate milk production
  • Good positioning and attachment at the breast is so important
    1. Your baby should be held close to you.
    2. He should be facing the breast, with head, shoulders and body in a straight line
    3. His nose or top lip should be opposite the nipple.
    4. He should be able to reach the breast easily, without having to stretch or twist.
    5. Remember always to move your baby towards the breast rather than your breast towards the baby.
  • Baby led demand feeding allows for baby to feed as often as needed and to feed for as long as they wish.
  • No supplements of water or formula milk should be given unless medically indicated and you have a full explanation of the reasons it is recommended
  • No teats or dummies should be used whilst you are establishing breastfeeding

Try to relax and enjoy things, remember some babies will breastfeed well without problems from the start; others take a little while to learn, ask for help and assistance as and when you need it.

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