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Are breastfed babies really healthier?

There is no doubt that breast milk is the healthier option compared to formula milk. The benefits of breast milk include the following:

  • Helps protect babies from infection
  • Reduces the risk of some diseases
  • Increases a baby’s IQ later in life
  • Reduces the risk of allergy’s

There are also greater benefits to the mother if she breastfeeds, such as increased weight loss. It has been reported that babies who are formula fed are more likely to have breathing problems such as Asthma, and gastric problems such as colic. Constipation is also more common among formula fed babies, hence more hospital admissions.

Ref: Current research continues to support breastfeeding benefits - Journal of Perinatal Education , vol 10, no 3, 2001, pp 38-41 Moore ML - (2001)

MIDIRS Informed choice leaflet; No.7 breastfeeding or bottle feeding

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