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I’m looking forward to breastfeeding – How can I best prepare for this?

It is good that you are thinking about breastfeeding and what preparation may be required before the baby is born, as many women do not do so. One of the main ways to prepare yourself will be addressing you and your partner/close family’s perceptions about breast feeding. This is because difficulties perceived with breastfeeding include: embarrassment, and a lack of confidence in a woman’s ability to produce enough milk for her baby. It is also important to buy a special nursing bra or two.

If possible you should also try to attend your local antenatal class, where the midwife will discuss infant feeding. The emphasis will be on breastfeeding though, as this is the recommended method to give your baby the best possible start in life. The National Childbirth Trust NCT (NCT) www.nct.org.uk and La Leche League (LLL) http://www.laleche.org.uk Also run classes, however, you may need to pay for these. Visit their web sites for further details.

Ref: MIDIRS Informed choice leaflet; No.7 breastfeeding or bottle feeding

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