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Do I have to watch what I eat and drink if I’m breastfeeding?

Yes. It is important to remember that lots of the nutrients that you will consume will also be passed on to your baby through the breast milk. So having a well balanced diet is really important. Studies have found that vitamin D is the only vitamin that does not meet the recommended intakes for infants, with normal breastfeeding.

Particular food and drink will affect your baby’s digestion. For example, if you eat lots of fruits such as grapes and oranges, it can cause loose stools or diarrhoea in your baby. You are advised to avoid high amounts of salt as it will can cause dehydration for your baby. It is also advised to avoid alcohol. Not only can it make your baby quite sleepy, there has been studies linking this to cot deaths.

Ref: Advice about infant nutrition: a vital role for the midwife - British Journal of Midwifery , vol 15,no 9, September 2007, pp 582, 584-586 Blincoe AJ - (2007)

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