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Should I pick my baby up every time she cries? / FAQs / Pregnancy information from midwivesonline.com

Should I pick my baby up every time she cries?

This is a decision bases on personal choice. It's never 'spoiling' your baby to attend to its cries. Crying is initially there only method of communication. It is meant to get your attention and is designed to affect you so you'll be quick to find out what's up.

Assuming you’ve met his basic needs – hunger, thirst, hot, cold, bored, nappy and he isn’t ill, there is no harm in leaving your baby a little while to cry. Some babies learn to comfort themselves. Some parents find any cry too distressing and quickly go to there baby. You have to trust your own judgement and decide what is right for you as parents. It is better if you and your partner are following the same ideals for consistency in your parenting. Don’t think you are spoiling your baby if he needs lots of cuddling and enjoys being carried round with you.

http://www.parentlineplus.org.uk/ may be a useful site to explore which can offer some other viewpoints. Also talk to your Midwife and Health Visitor.

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