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Why do babies cry?

All babies cry sometimes. Even entirely healthy newborns will cry for somewhere between one and three hours each day. Crying is a baby's way of communicating to us. They rely on someone else to provide them with the food, warmth, comfort and love that they need. As a new parent, it can sometimes be difficult to work out what your baby is telling you - is she hungry, cold, hot, thirsty, needing a fresh nappy, bored, looking for a cuddle, tired or alternatively could be over stimulated ? However, you will gradually begin to recognise your baby's different crying patterns and anticipate her needs.

As babies grow, they gradually learn other ways of communicating with us, too. They get better at eye contact, making noises, and even smiling, all of which reduce the need for crying. However, some babies do cry more than others and may be difficult to comfort. When a baby seems to cry all the time it can be very hard to cope with, and your anxiety and tension may make him worse.

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