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Is it ok for our baby to share our bed? I’m confused about the advice. / FAQs / Pregnancy information from midwivesonline.com

Is it ok for our baby to share our bed? I’m confused about the advice.

There are dangers in bed sharing if you are asleep. The clear message from Health professional’s to keep your baby safe and healthy, advises the safest place for your baby to sleep - night and day - is in a crib or cot in a room with you for the first six months of their life. This is not the same as bed sharing. Bed sharing while feeding or relaxing, so that the adult is always awake is not a problem and enjoyable. It can benefit breastfeeding to do this.

Recommendations from the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths and the Department of Health, outlines key steps parents can take to reduce the risk of cot death. They advise not to share a bed with your baby if you have been drinking alcohol, using drugs or any medication which may cause drowsiness or if you are a smoker.

In addition it is considered more dangerous for your baby to sleep in your bed if your baby was premature, low birth weight (less than 2.5kg or 5 1/2 lb) or is less than three months old. Accidents can happen too involving suffocation and falls. Never sleep together with your baby on a sofa or armchair.

www.fsid.org.uk/ is a useful site to explore for further advice.

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