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My Mum says babies sleep better on their tummies. Is she right? / FAQs / Pregnancy information from midwivesonline.com

My Mum says babies sleep better on their tummies. Is she right?

Your mother is mistaken on this and it would not be advised by Health Professionals. The recommendations from the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) and the Department of Health, outlines the key steps parents can take to reduce the risk of cot death. A key piece of their advice is to place your baby on their back to sleep.

In 2006 FSID introduced a new campaign to help parents to remember the importance of putting sleeping babies on the back, but when they are awake allow them to spend time on their front or sitting up safely. When your baby is awake they should spend a lot of time in different positions, not always lying on the back. This will help their head control and healthy development.

Perhaps exploring this site would be helpful - www.fsid.org.uk and provide some extra information to discuss with your mother. Depending on her age, it may have been the advice to place babies on their tummy to sleep so this may feel very alien to her. Many grandparents may state concern regarding baby vomiting but in reality your baby will turn her head if she is sick.

You may wish to discuss this further with your Midwife or Health Visitor.

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