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Does everyone feel low in the first week?

Many mothers can feel low in their mood initially after birth – a combination of the impact of pregnancy, labour, the changes in your body and learning to cope with a baby coupled with sleep deprivation is a recipe for stress and extreme tiredness in many mothers. This is both physical and emotional. The baby blues may contribute to this in the first week.

Women may feel tearful, are easily upset and may feel unable to cope with the baby. With reassurance, support and a bit of tender care, these feelings usually pass within two to four days. Although most women rapidly get over the blues within a few days, a few go on to develop more serious postnatal depression.

Baby blues are often confused with postnatal depression because they share some common symptoms. But in the first few days after delivery, some emotional upheaval is to be expected. Postnatal depression is an illness, for which professional intervention is necessary if the sufferer is to regain her health and peace of mind.

The Association for Postnatal Illness www.apni.org is an organisation run to help women with postnatal depression. http://apni.org/The-Baby-Blues-and-Post-Natal-Depression.html may be a helpful link.

Speak to your Midwife, Health Visitor and GP for review and support.

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