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I am worried that I don't have enough milk because my baby wants to feed all the time. What is normal?

Many breastfeeding mothers worry that their babies are not getting enough milk. It is important to ensure that your baby is positioned well and latched on effectively. You can ask your midwife to help you with this if you are unsure.

A newborn baby has a tiny stomach and will feed little and often to cope with this and to stimulate the breasts to produce milk. All babies are unique so I can’t set time limits but my general advice is to be led by your baby, letting them feed for as long as they want as often as they want. Your baby will take themselves off the breast when they are satisfied. Though, you should be aware, that there are a few cheeky babies who might suckle for comfort rather than food. If your baby continuously suckles for hours on end, it could well be a comfort suck!

In terms of feeding all the time, it is normal and in fact we expect to see a change in the pattern of a baby’s feeding from day-to-day. Your baby will feed more frequently for a while to build up their milk supply and this frequency then settles as the milk supply increases. An example of this is the increased demand for feeds coinciding with a growth spurt. The increased stimulation of the breast produces the correct amount of milk to cope with your baby’s growing needs. Don’t worry that you do not have enough milk, if your baby is having plenty of wet and dirty nappies and they are settling between feeds, this tells you they are getting as much as they require. You can’t go far wrong if you follow your baby’s lead!

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