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Is it possible to breastfeed twins?

The body is a truly incredible invention! The more the breast is stimulated, the more milk is produced meaning that it certainly is possible to breastfeed twins! Honestly, it probably will be harder work in the beginning and you need to be prepared for this, but with a little extra help and support from your family, friends and your midwife in the early weeks, your feeding will soon be established.

Women that breastfeed their twins are often even MORE impressed by the practical benefits of breastfeeding alone, grateful for the amount of time, money and hassle it saves them in not having to make up formula feeds.

They often remark that the effort they put in during the early weeks were so worthwhile! For more information and advice on breastfeeding twins you can contact The Twins and Multiple Birth Association (TAMBA) by visiting their website at www.tamba.org.uk or alternatively contact them via phone on: 0870 770 3305.

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