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Should I still continue to breastfeed if I am poorly?

It is important to continue breastfeeding if you can. This way the antibodies you are passing through the breastmilk will help them to develop their immunity to all sorts of illnesses, as well as the other benefits of breastfeeding your baby.

It is so important to rest, make the most of the people around you to help you out with the housework and to care for the baby. Maybe your ONLY job should be to breastfeed your baby? Call in some favours and get your feet up girl!

If you need to be admitted to hospital because your condition is serious, then you will understandably need some more help. You can probably still have your baby passed to you for feeds. Then, if your baby isn’t allowed to stay on the ward with you, it is still possible to express feeds to be given overnight, while you can’t, then resume feeding as normal when you’re feeling better!

It is important to be guided by the health professionals in these circumstances, but you will find most hospitals happy to accommodate a mother wanting to breastfeed her young baby.

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