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How long should I breastfeed for?

That is your choice! If you wish to stop breastfeeding to return to work, if this is before your baby is 6 months old, then you may need to slowly transfer your baby onto expressed breast milk or formula milk over a few weeks as stopping suddenly would be traumatic for your baby and can make you quite sore and engorged.

If you want to stop breastfeeding altogether, give a formula feed once a day to start with and gradually introduce more. You might find your baby will not take a formula feed from you. This is because they can smell your breastmilk on you, and prefer it! If that is the case, your partner may be involved in feeds.

If you want to continue to breastfeed, but need to return to work, then start to get used to expressing. Do this after your baby has fed (so the poor love isn’t deprived of food) and freeze it for when you are at work. While at work, simply express the feed you would have given him and store it in the fridge. This prevents your milk supply from being affected and means baby has his milk fix sorted for the next day, that’s if you remember to take it with you when you leave work!

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