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I have had a boob job, can I still breastfeed?

The answer really depends on the type of surgery you have had.

Breast implants: All your breast tissue will still be there and as long as the surgery didn’t involve the nipple area, you should be just fine breastfeeding your baby. The implant can sometimes cause problems with engorgement but there are ways to deal with this and it would settle down in a couple of days.

Breast reduction: Breast reduction surgery usually means moving the nipple to a new position though most of the milk producing ducts can be saved if great care is taken. However, this is not always possible and your chances would be greatly reduced. It is less likely you will be able to breastfeed if you had a reduction, though depending on the extent of the surgery it may still be possible to breastfeed. For those that are considering surgery, it is important to speak to your surgeon to find out how destructive the surgery will be around the nipple area.

Whichever surgery you’ve had, you will need a lot of support and information and realistically, I suggest you be prepared for some problems along the way. There are some excellent websites (such as www.bfar.org) which give detailed advice on all aspects of breastfeeding after surgery.

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