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I feel really embarrassed when I'm out and about and need to breastfeed, what can you suggest?

Embarrassment about feeding in public can stem from a number of different things, whether that is a fear of judgement from others or that people might see your breasts. Well, the practical advice I would give is to first build your confidence with feeding in public by finding a quiet spot where there isn’t many people about and just feed there in the beginning. You might want to use some of the mother and baby rooms dotted about in department stores if that idea makes you more comfortable.

Also, your confidence with feeding will soon increase. When you are a dab hand at it you will be able to pop that baby of yours on and off without anyone seeing anything, and until then don’t forget that you can get very strategic with clothing and scarves, no-one walking by would even know you were breastfeeding. Try and relax, it’s easy to feel sometimes like everyone is looking at you but in my experience people are generally busy in their own world that they’re not even paying that much attention to what is going on around them.

Remind yourself of the benefits breastfeeding has for you and your baby! You are giving them a brilliant start, BE PROUD! The few nosey stares you might get from the inquisitive public will soon change as more people breastfeed while they are out and about. I think you will be surprised at how quickly you become confident about breastfeeding and before you know it, you’ll be such a pro that you won’t give it a second thought and remember, you are an awesome example to society in general in terms giving your baby the very best there is!

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