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Our Founder

Catharine Parker-Littler
RM, DPS/ADM, BSc Midwifery (Hon’s),
Other training includes: RN, RSCN.

Current: Midwifery Director, Midwivesonline & Healthvisitors.com information portals

Professional Profile
Catharine has worked within the UK National Health Service (NHS) for over 25 years. Twenty of those have been spent in Midwifery and Catharine remains an active practitioner.

Catharine's midwifery clinical experience includes Ward Manager, Delivery Suite Co-Coordinator, Transitional Care Manager, community team, case-load midwifery, lecturer in web based clinical search skills for NHS practitioners, conference speaker and author of DK’s 'Ask a Midwife' book for expectant & new parents - translated into 10 other key languages and available across the globe. The book is proving to be a useful resource for student midwives. Catharine also has experience of working within a team of knowledgeable researchers in developing multi-centered, randomized, controlled trials.

Catharine has always had a passion to promote evidence based clinical practice within midwifery, recognizing that this is the key foundation on which midwifery knowledge and care should be built. From here midwives will gain their confidence to continue to develop midwifery through the 3rd millennium. As a result, Catharine developed midwivesonline as a midwifery-led, one-stop information portal where all midwives and related healthcare professionals find hyperlinks to assist in access and retrieval of the latest scientific evidence, chat rooms, courses & conferences, info for 'wannabe midwives'

Due to current challenges in midwifery staffing levels and concerned at the lack of midwifery-led, quality information for parents on the internet, Catharine has used her professional experience to develop UK's leading Ask a Midwife online support service inviting parents to access information relevant to their experience during pregnancy birth and the post-natal period.

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