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Our Mission and Values

My vision in creating this website, along with my team is to provide a credible, reliable midwifery-led information portal for midwives and expectant and new parents. This portal will be relevant locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

To provide web based, interactive midwifery-led services to the expectant and new parent population of the UK and beyond

To provide practical advice, support, and tried & tested wisdom through providing information for expectant & new parents and for midwives.

To encourage and empower midwives to embrace and develop IT skills necessary for access and retrieval of web-based information including evidence based articles, to support and enhance their professional role

To uphold and place value on new life in the womb.

To provide a credible platform for relevant and appropriate Business to Business and Business to Consumer markets (Healthcare, Mother & Baby, New Fathers & Young families)

To work within a new business model, one that is ethically sensitive, socially conscious, has integrity & honesty as core values and where on-going profits support the development of our company objectives and make a significant contribution to National & International Charities. These charities will support orphans, women with life threatening conditions, little children with HIV, families in distress and maternity care both in the UK & the Developing world. This with the aim of changing one life at a time, one family at a time, one town, one city, one nation and one world.

It is within this vision to work towards supporting and partnering with companies and others who have an active concern for the concept of ‘Fair Trade’ and Global Ecological care.

Catharine Parker-Littler
National Midwifery Director

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