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The Social Baby

Title: The Social Baby by by Lynn Murray and Liz Andrews
Amazon Price: 10.49
Babies are born with a full range of adult emotions, and have amazing abilities that have been studied and understood by academics for years. Most remarkable is their need, following delivery, to actively engage with their parents and other human faces. The Social Baby presents this information through clear text and hundreds of pictures, and is widely used by both parents and those who work with new babies. The book shows Ethan, minutes after delivery gazing intently at his mother's face, and the pleasure is clear to see. Within 15 minutes he studies his father's face, and even copies his facial expressions, before turning to the sound of his mother's voice. Parents benefit hugely from this knowledge, which helps the bonding process and, along with breastfeeding represents the very best start for a baby. The implications for thoughtful practice within the medical profession are clear.

The Social Baby shows that from birth, each baby is a unique individual with their own likes and dislikes, strengths and sensitivities. By carefully watching a baby, and learning the subtle cues and significance of behaviour, parents and others can become better able to provide the sensitive care that babies need.

The No-cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Title: The No-cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night by by Elizabeth Pantley
Amazon Price: 6.99
Sleep is the one of the most-discussed topics among new parents - because they don't get enough. Most books on helping babies sleep fall into two categories: let them cry it out or simply live with getting up at night. Parent educator Elizabeth Pantley, author of Perfect Parenting, wasn't satisfied with either approach. Her method is based on research into sleep associations and has been tested and proven effective with her own child and a varied group of scores of mothers and babies from across the U.S., Canada, and even Europe. The method will appeal to parents because it does not involve leaving your child to cry himself to sleep. And best of all, it really works. The responses from the test group have been fabulous - children who had been waking up four and five times or more every night began to sleep through - with no crying. This is the long-sought-after answer for sleep-deprived parents who don't want to let their children cry themselves to sleep.

The New Contented Little Baby Book

Title: The New Contented Little Baby Book by by Gina Ford
Amazon Price: 6.99
Amazon Review
If you are still struggling to get your newborn to sleep through the night, still getting up throughout the night to feed the little one, or perhaps you are feeling as if no end is in sight, you need to read Gina Ford's The Contented Little Baby Book. It may be the only thing you need to bring peace back into your frazzled existence with your tiny baby, or babies. After all, this book promises to teach parents tried and tested methods to get their baby to sleep through the night by the time they are 10 weeks old. For parents who are craving their first night of unbroken sleep, Ford's book may be the answer.

Ford's methods conjure up the image of a strict and loving old nanny from yesteryear. Her techniques go against the grain of many currently popular parenting philosophies. For example, Ford, an experienced maternity nurse, is against demand feeding, believes in the necessity of waking a sleeping baby in order to establish a daily routine and encourages the use of sugar water in the middle of the night to settle an infant. Her philosophy may not be the norm today, but Ford is confident of her methods based on years of experience handling hundreds of babies.

Providing an hour-by-hour, week-by-week guide on how to get a new baby into a routine, the book includes feeding and sleeping schedules based on a baby's age. The Contented Little Baby Book provides so much information that it may be necessary to keep this paperback book handy for reference should you employ Ford's techniques.

Experienced parents may not benefit from Ford's methods, but first-time parents may learn a lot from her ideas, and for the discerning reader of parenting books, this one is a must have.

The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth

Title: The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth by by Kaz Cooke
Amazon Price: 6.99
Amazon Review
The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth sets out to offer "the soundest, sanest, wittiest advice you'll ever get" about life as an expectant mum. Covering "the scary parts, the funny parts and your private parts" Australian author Kaz Cooke counts down to motherhood using a week-by-week format, at each stage explaining what's going on to you and baby, exploring common health complaints, suggesting remedies and looking at what will happen at antenatal visits. She also includes a semi-fictitious weekly diary account that provides a friendly and very funny voice to reassure you that you're not alone.

Overall, this format works well, particularly if you're a reader who dips in and out. Not least, it means you can check up on whether you're growing out of your clothes at a normal rate! It's also good to sneak a peak at a couple of weeks in the future and suss out what's in store. Its readable, illustrated layout lends itself to perusal when symptoms are getting you down, not just because it makes you laugh about morning sickness, constant weeing and leaking breasts, but also as it make you realise that actually things could be worse! Having sneaked a peak at week 41 you could be disappointed that the diary birth is eventually by Caesarean. Obviously this prepares you for the worst case scenario but it results in skipping over the protracted labour stages which, for most new mums, makes required reading, not matter how scary they sound.

On the whole this book is funny, frank and perfect to dip in and out of but it's not one you'd really use as a reference guide, particularly if you were genuinely worried about an aspect of your pregnancy. Being the work of one sole author it's obviously a rather subjective view of what is for everyone, a uniquely personal experience. It complements the likes of Miriam Stoppard and Sheila Kitzinger but (despite being much more entertaining) really couldn't begin to replace them. Pregnant women are notorious for reading every book they can get their hands on, and despite The Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth presenting itself as a definitive guide, it's not going to change that habit any time soon.

Breastfeeding: The Essential Guide

Title: Breastfeeding: The Essential Guide by by Sharon Trotter
Amazon Price: 5.99
There are many books available on the subject of breastfeeding. They contain a bewildering amount of information and advice. Many are long and they can be expensive. Which one do you choose? I felt there was a need for a short but nonetheless informative book with breastfeeding tips for mothers to follow. So I set about writing just that. I hope you enjoy the result. I wanted it to be easy to read, cheap to buy and small enough to take anywhere. I want it to answer all your questions and encourage you to ask more. I want it to be your lifeline when things get tough. I want my enthusiasm to rub off and give you the confidence to succeed. Even more importantly I want you to enjoy the whole experience!

Although primarily aimed at mothers, this would also be a great read for fathers, midwives, student midwives and other health professionals who give breastfeeding advice. I want the text to flow, which is why it is not fully referenced. However, as I understand the importance of evidence based knowledge, I have included references and websites where approriate. I have also included a short list of 'Suggested further reading' and 'Helpful websites' at the end, should you want to delve deeper.

Girls Will Be Girls: Raising Confident and Courageous Daughters

Title: Girls Will Be Girls: Raising Confident and Courageous Daughters by by JoAnn Deak with Teresa Barker
Amazon Price: 7.19
Following in the footsteps of Mary Pipher's groundbreaking Reviving Ophelia and Michael G. Thompson's Raising Cain, Deak here offers a comprehensive road map to the many emotional and physical challenges girls of all ages face in today's changing world. Bringing together stories and lessons from more than 20 years as a school psychologist, the latest brain research on girls, and the voices of girls themselves, this masterly book fulfils a desperate need for clear guiding principles to help mothers, fathers and daughters navigate this chaotic contemporary culture.

Baby Talk

Title: Baby Talk by by Sally Ward
Amazon Price: 6.99
Amazon Review
BabyTalk is a revolutionary new child-care programme that aims to optimise your child's language development, enhance the ability to concentrate and learn, enrich imaginative play and maximise potential intelligence. Over 20 years of research led language therapist Dr Sally Ward to develop this extensive yet surprisingly simple and common-sensical approach to child care.

Based on the simplest of principles--spending time with your child--BabyTalk takes in all stages of your child's young life, from babyhood to toddler, and follows a step-by-step programme that encourages parents to devote half an hour a day to concentrating solely on the needs of the child so as to help them learn to concentrate, listen, understand and communicate and build firm foundations for future learning.

Dr Ward explores the world of toys, books, TV and video, placing them in the context of a child's life, and looking at when their introduction is most appropriate. She also talks through the different stages of babyhood, chronicling the good signs and the bad, but making clear the fact that all children develop at different stages, and if a parent is truly worried about their offspring then a checklist in a book is no replacement for professional advice.

All in all, BabyTalk is an accessible, sound programme that is simple to follow and demands nothing of a parent other than a few minutes every day to focus on and enjoy the company of their small child.

DK Book of Nursery Rhymes

Title: DK Book of Nursery Rhymes by by Debi Gliori
Amazon Price: 6.99
Amazon Review
The Dorling Kindersley Book of Nursery Rhymes is a fine collection of classic rhymes for young children and combines lyrical language with artist Debi Gliori's stunning illustrations.

Watch Little Bo peeping, young Peter piping, Polly putting the kettle on, Jack and Jill climbing up the hill and much more as 50 nursery rhymes are brought to life. A great gift for any child The Dorling Kindersely Book of Nursery Rhymes includes snippets about individual rhymes and their origins, adding depth to the entertaining an thoroughly enjoyable romp through the pages.

Twins and Multiple Births: The Essential Parenting Guide from Pregnancy to Adulthood

Title: Twins and Multiple Births: The Essential Parenting Guide from Pregnancy to Adulthood by by Carol Cooper
Amazon Price: 6.99
This definitive guide brings together all you need to know about parenting twins, triplets or more, from conception right up to adulthood. Written in association with Tamba, the Twins & Multiple Births Association, it's from an acknowledged expert on the subject: as a GP, health writer and mother of teenaged twins, Dr Carol Cooper is ideally placed to tell it like it is. Deeply rewarding though it is to have more than one child arrive at a time, there are challenges along the way. This warm, enlightening and often amusing book, seasoned with quotes, serves to inspire and reassure parents with children of all ages. It is also accurate and medically up-to-date, explaining in an accessible way all the technical details which families need but nobody has time to give them. There is guidance on pregnancy, birth, breast-feeding and well beyond, including sibling rivalry, behaviour, schooling, adolescence and young adulthood, and choices for the future. The highly popular first edition has been a bible to countless parents. Now this thoroughly revised and updated edition brings in all the latest medical and parenting trends, together with an expanded section on breast-feeding and a whole new chapter on identity. Special needs families are not forgotten, making this a truly essential book.

When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads: Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy

Title: When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads: Proven Guidelines for a Healthy Multiple Pregnancy by by Barbara Luke and Tamara Eberlein
Amazon Price: 9.59

The Encyclopaedia of Pregnancy and Birth

Title: The Encyclopaedia of Pregnancy and Birth by by Yehudi Gordon and Janet Balaskas
Amazon Price: 13.29

DVD's and Videos

The Social Baby

Title: The Social Baby by
Amazon Price: 18.50
Every baby is a unique individual from the moment of birth, with its own likes and dislikes. Only by being finely tuned to a baby's unique communication can an adult fully understand the baby and its needs.

The Social Baby is a new and innovative video which is based on established research about the development of infant communication. The video provides a window into the rich and complex social world of babies and looks at individual responses to voice, smell and sensitivity to the environment. The video supports parents and carers to manage crying by helping babies to calm themselves and also provides strategies for feeding and developing a consistent sleeping pattern.

The video is based on the book of the same name and uses footage filmed during the making of The Social Baby book.

Sing and Sign (Baby Signing the Fun Way)

Title: Sing and Sign (Baby Signing the Fun Way) by
Amazon Price: 17.99
Help your baby communicate before he or she is able to speak by following this action-songs programme. The results will lessen your babies frustration which will in turn make a more relaxed and confident mum.
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