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Why advertise with www.midwivesonline.com?

  • The opportunity to instantly access midwivesonline.com's worldwide audience of health professionals, parents and parents-to-be where click-through capability brings these highly targeted prospects directly to the point of purchase - your site!
  • Created, compiled, directed and reviewed by Midwives & Health Professionals, the website is trusted by visitors and provides a platform for relevancy, credibility and integrity
  • High ranking return by leading search engines Google, Yahoo! and MSN for our site names and numerous key words & phrases
  • Qualified and respected by the NHS Information Authority and placed on the NHS National Electronic Library for Health for Midwives, which leads health professionals to the website
  • Follows "baby friendly principles" as set by UNICEF demonstrating ethics valued by the profession
  • Working with NHS, DoH (Surestart), NCT and WHO
  • Recognition of website being raised continually by direct mailings, our presence at National Baby and Midwifery shows and our regular slots in popular magazines coupled with TV and radio exposure guarantees continued site traffic growth
  • Our CEO/Chief Midwifery Director encourages our visitors to support our site sponsors with a message on the home page which is a direct and powerful message

www.midwivesonline.com delivers the best target audience for advertisers

For suppliers that promote bespoke medical products for use in the clinical environment, to reach the expectant mother and baby market, there is no better place to advertise than midwivesonline.com

Each of the products and services promoted on the website are reviewed by midwives and parents, giving your brand the trust and credibility it deserves, your brand becomes desirable and even essential to readers.

Partnering with relevant suppliers enhances the core content of the website and keeps visitors interested. An interested visitor is a repeat visitor.


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