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TRYING FOR A BABY Frequently Asked Questions
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We've been trying for a baby for months and nothing's happening; I dread seeing my period - why isn't it happening? midwives response

How long should I leave it before I go to see my doctor? midwives response

I'm on the pill but want a baby - What's the next step for me? midwives response

I'm a bit of a binge drinker - Is it OK as long as I stop when I'm pregnant midwives response

My partner says soft drugs are OK – But should we stop now we’re planning a baby. midwives response

Does smoking stop you becoming pregnant? midwives response

My partner had a vasectomy – Can it be reversed? midwives response

My periods are really irregular – What are my chances of falling pregnant? midwives response

How can I tell if I’m ovulating? midwives response

I don’t seem to be falling pregnant – Is it because I’m overweight? midwives response

I like to be really skinny – Will that stop me having a baby? midwives response

I’ve had STIs in the past, but everything’s fine now – Will that stop me conceiving? Should I be concerned? midwives response

I don’t want to get pregnant yet but maybe next year – What should we be doing now to get ready? midwives response

My wife’s been tested and she’s all clear – How can I tell if it’s me causing our fertility problem? midwives response

I’m 39 and would like to start trying for a baby – Have we left it too late? midwives response

Should I be taking folic acid before trying for a baby? midwives response

Is my endometriosis preventing me from getting pregnant? We’ve been trying for two years midwives response

Are there any foods/drinks I should avoid before trying for a baby? midwives response

I have been advised not to eat Tuna and other fish if I want to get pregnant. Why? midwives response

Before trying for a baby are there any changes I should make to my diet? midwives response

I am overweight, will losing weight help improve my fertility? midwives response

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