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Causes of Miscarriage Frequently Asked Questions
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Causes of Miscarriage

What is a miscarriage? midwives response

I’ve had a miscarriage – Why did it happen to me? midwives response

I’m not even sure if I was pregnant but I was late and now I’m bleeding really heavy – Could I have had a miscarriage? midwives response

I'm 10 weeks pregnant and getting cramping pains; the Doctor says I should rest to avoid a miscarriage - Is this true? midwives response

Does bleeding in pregnancy mean that miscarriage is inevitable? midwives response

I’ve had three miscarriages before and I’m scared of trying again – Is there anything I can do? midwives response

My mum had two miscarriages – Does that make it more likely to happen to me? midwives response

My doctor has referred me to a genetic counsellor – What do they do? midwives response

I lost my baby and I just want to get on and try for another – Is this OK? midwives response

We lost our little girl at 20 weeks just three months ago. I feel so guilty about even thinking about having another baby – How can I move on? midwives response

This loss has devastated us. My husband is scared to touch me now and we’ve hardly had sex since – How can I help him? midwives response

What is a 'D and C'? midwives response

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