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IVF & Methods of Assisted  Conception Frequently Asked Questions
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IVF & Methods of Assisted Conception

How can they help us have a baby? midwives response

We’ve been trying for 12 months – When should we see a doctor about it? midwives response

What does IVF involve? midwives response

What are the success rates of fertility treatments? midwives response

IVF is so expensive – Can we get help with funding it? midwives response

I’m 42 and starting IVF – What are my chances? midwives response

My partner is very worried about producing his sperm sample. Is there anything I can do to reassure him? midwives response

The drugs I’m on during our IVF treatment are making me feel very emotional – I’m angry one minute and crying the next. Is this normal? midwives response

My partner has a low sperm count – can you tell us what help is available for us? midwives response

I’m pregnant using a donor – what happens if my child wants to trace her biological dad? midwives response

Is surrogacy allowed in the UK? midwives response

I’m pregnant by IVF – is there anything different I should be doing? midwives response

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