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Just Found Out I'm Pregnant - Early Days FAQ's / Pregnancy information from midwivesonline.com
Just Found Out I'm Pregnant - Early Days Frequently Asked Questions
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Just Found Out I'm Pregnant - Early Days

I want the baby but my partner doesn’t – Can he force me to have an abortion? midwives response

I want to know when my baby is due – how can I work it out myself? midwives response

It’s just what we wanted, but now I feel unsure – am I scared or something? midwives response

I don’t want to be like my mum – how can I tell her I want to do it my own way? midwives response

We’ve just found out about our pregnancy – when should we tell our family and friends? midwives response

We do not feel we are ready for pregnancy, especially financially. How will we cope? midwives response

I’ve found out I’m pregnant – when will my first appointment with a Midwife or Doctor be and what will happen? midwives response

I became pregnant at the first time of trying, does this mean we are super fertile? midwives response

My partner is treating me as if I’m made of glass. I appreciate it, but how can I persuade him that pregnancy is a normal process not a medical condition? midwives response

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