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Safety Issues in Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions
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Safety Issues in Pregnancy

I go tanning, but have been told it’s not good for my baby, is this true? midwives response

Is it ok if I simply cut down on my smoking while I'm pregnant, rather than have to give up completely? midwives response

Can I use a Jacuzzi? midwives response

Is it safe to use a microwave when pregnant? midwives response

My friend says it’s dangerous to dye my hair whilst I’m pregnant. Is she right? midwives response

Is it safe to take painkillers whilst I am pregnant? midwives response

Will passive smoking affect my unborn baby? midwives response

I’ve been told I should wear gloves when gardening. Why? midwives response

I’ve never had a migraine, but since I’ve been pregnant, I’m having time off work because of these headaches. I work with computers, so could this be the cause? midwives response

I work for a dry cleaner. Could the chemicals be harmful for my unborn baby? midwives response

Should I worry about pollution? midwives response

I’m asthmatic. Can I use my inhalers during pregnancy? midwives response

Is it true that you shouldn’t sleep on your back during pregnancy? midwives response

I’m pregnant and have just moved to an old house in need of renovation – I’m concerned about the effects of dust from old lead paint on my unborn baby. Should I be worried? midwives response

My partner works with pesticides – do I need to worry about his job too? midwives response

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