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What to Eat and What to Avoid Frequently Asked Questions
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What to Eat and What to Avoid

I love prawns. Can I eat them during pregnancy? midwives response

My midwife said I should avoid pate. Why? midwives response

I’m craving chocolate all the time – Will it harm my baby? midwives response

We go out for curries and love spicy food; I’ve been told I might go into labour early – is this true? midwives response

I’m really overweight – what should I do because I don’t want to get even bigger? midwives response

I’m fed up hearing about what I should and shouldn’t eat and drink – what do you say? midwives response

I want to get back into my jeans right after the birth – How can I make sure I don’t get too fat? midwives response

I love rare steaks – Are they allowed? midwives response

Is it OK for me to have the occasional glass of wine? midwives response

If I eat a lot of sweet things during my pregnancy, could my baby end up having a ‘sweet tooth’ as a result? midwives response

I love mozzarella, but is it counted as one of the ‘soft cheeses’ to be avoided? midwives response

Should I be taking vitamin tablets during my pregnancy? midwives response

I don’t have a very balanced diet – does this matter? midwives response

Is it safe to eat peanuts? midwives response

Does what I eat in pregnancy influence what my baby will like to eat later on? midwives response

I am a teenager and I'm pregnant. Do I have any extra dietary needs? midwives response

How many calories should I be eating each day when pregnant? midwives response

I have been told I may have Gestational Diabetes. What is this and do I need to eat differently? midwives response

I am a vegetarian, what foods can I eat to make sure my baby gets all the nutrients it needs? midwives response

Can I still drink coffee and tea whilst pregnant? midwives response

I am in my first trimester and have little or no appetite. I am not eating much so what foods can I eat to give me enough energy? midwives response

I have been told I am anaemic and I need to increase the amount of iron I eat. Which foods have lots of iron in them? midwives response

I had a Caesarean birth, what type of exercise is safe for me and when can I start again? midwives response

Now that I've had the baby, can I drink alcohol again? midwives response

Do I need to do pelvic floor exercises if I had a Caesarean section? midwives response

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