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How to Keep Healthy – a Guide Frequently Asked Questions
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How to Keep Healthy – a Guide

I’m a very fit person and regularly go to the gym. I’ve just found out that I’m pregnant – can I still go? midwives response

What's the best type of exercise during the third trimester? midwives response

I’ve had a previous miscarriage – should I avoid all kinds of exercise? midwives response

Is it safe to go jogging when you’re pregnant? midwives response

I’m very desk-bound in my job – Is it dangerous to sit for too long? midwives response

I’ve been getting a lot of lower back pain – could it be because of my posture? I’m eight months pregnant. midwives response

I have a skiing holiday booked and have found out I’m pregnant. Should I cancel? midwives response

Can I still go swimming; I’m 7 months pregnant now and quite big? midwives response

What’s Pilates? midwives response

When should I start doing pelvic floor exercises? midwives response

Is there any exercise that I could do to avoid getting varicose veins? midwives response

Can I go horse riding while I’m pregnant? midwives response

My midwife is running aqua natal classes at our local pool, are they safe? midwives response

We love going clubbing; will the loud music be ok for my baby? midwives response

We like walking but should I cut down on the number of miles now that I’m pregnant. midwives response

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