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Antenatal Care – a Guide Frequently Asked Questions
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Antenatal Care – a Guide

What are the different types of antenatal care available to me? midwives response

I'm going for my first antenatal appointment next week - What will happen there? midwives response

Why do I have to bring a urine sample to clinic every month? midwives response

Why are some of my appointments with my GP and others with the midwife? midwives response

What do my blood tests show? midwives response

Will I have to have an internal exam at my first antenatal appointment? midwives response

I’m very small and have tiny feet – will that be a problem when I give birth? midwives response

My ‘booking’ appointment is coming up soon – What will happen? midwives response

I have a lovely midwife but she’s always in a hurry – How can I get her to answer my questions? midwives response

I’m four months pregnant and don’t seem to have had many appointments yet – Will they get more frequent later on? midwives response

I would like to have a homebirth. Will this make any difference to the type of appointments I will have? midwives response

Is it OK to bring my partner with me to the appointments? midwives response

When will I hear my baby’s heart beat? midwives response

Will I have my own midwife? midwives response

I’ve only just found out I’m pregnant and I must be at least four months. What do I need to do immediately? midwives response

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