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Pregnancy – Side Effects Frequently Asked Questions
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Pregnancy – Side Effects

How do I cope with this constant sickness? midwives response

I'm two months pregnant and feel incredibly tired all the time. Is this normal? midwives response

I often feel very faint – what could be causing this? midwives response

Is it normal to have pelvic pain early in pregnancy? midwives response

I’m embarrassed but I think I’ve got piles. It’s really sore but I don’t want to go to the doctors – what can I do? midwives response

I’ve been getting more headaches than normal since becoming pregnant – Should I be worried? midwives response

My gums have started bleeding since I’ve been pregnant – Why? midwives response

Whenever I sneeze, I leak – is that going to last for ever? midwives response

I’ve been getting nosebleeds for the first time in my life. Why is this? midwives response

I’m 30 weeks pregnant have been getting very bad sciatica – Is there anything that can be done to help? midwives response

My skin seems very sensitive at the moment, and I seem to have little moles where there weren’t any previously. Why is this happening? midwives response

Can I avoid getting varicose veins? midwives response

My feet are really swollen and feel tight; can I do anything about it? midwives response

My fingers have been tingling and my midwife suggested that it might be carpal tunnel syndrome – What is this? midwives response

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and suffering terrible cramp in bed – What can I do? midwives response

I’m itching all the time to the point I’m bleeding, especially on my belly, what can I do to help myself? midwives response

My breasts are ‘leaking’ all the time. Should this be happening before my baby’s been born? midwives response

I’ve got terrible indigestion and can barely get through a meal – why is that? midwives response

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