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Pregnancy Complications Frequently Asked Questions
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Pregnancy Complications

The Midwife says I’m a ‘high risk’ because of my blood pressure, what does this mean? midwives response

I’ve been told that because of my diabetes I have to go to the hospital clinic why is this? midwives response

I have epilepsy – will I need special care in pregnancy? midwives response

I’ve been having contractions at 28 weeks – Is my baby going to come early? midwives response

My last baby was premature – Can they tell if it will happen again? midwives response

I’m expecting triplets. Will I be treated as ‘high risk’? midwives response

I have Lupus – How will this alter my care during pregnancy? midwives response

I’ve had a few small bleeds in this pregnancy – will my baby be OK? midwives response

We know our baby has Down’s syndrome, how can I best prepare for the birth? midwives response

I had an emergency caesarean section last time and the Doctor says they will give me a trial of labour, what is this? midwives response

What is obstetric cholestasis? midwives response

I’ve been told I have placenta praevia – Can you explain what this means? midwives response

I have had three previous miscarriages – Will my antenatal care be different because of this? midwives response

My baby is apparently very small for his dates – Can anything be done? midwives response

My friend suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancy – Can you tell me more about this condition? midwives response

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