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Changes to Your Body Frequently Asked Questions
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Changes to Your Body

I’m feeling like a beached whale and I’m only 16 weeks, what can I do? midwives response

Everybody is telling me I'm too small and that my baby isn't growing. The midwife says everything is all right. Can you explain? midwives response

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and have noticed that my breasts have changed so much – they're actually painful and just look really different. Is that normal? midwives response

Why am I getting more vaginal discharge since becoming pregnant? midwives response

I’ve got some strange dark patches that have appeared on my face. What could they be? midwives response

I’m a model and currently pregnant. What can I do to stop stretch marks? midwives response

I can’t look in the mirror, because I look so big. I’m feeling very negative and depressed. Will things get better? midwives response

Why do people talk about the second trimester as the time when you ‘bloom’? midwives response

I’m worried my husband won’t find me attractive now I’m pregnant. midwives response

Can I wear heels? midwives response

What shall I do about my pierced belly button in pregnancy? midwives response

I don’t have much to spend on maternity clothes, any ideas? midwives response

I’m 20 weeks pregnant and have noticed that I get short of breath very easily. Is this normal? midwives response

I have developed a dark vertical line down the middle of my tummy. What is this? midwives response

When do I need to start wearing a maternity bra? midwives response

If I use oils and creams can I prevent stretch marks? midwives response

I’m 32 weeks and my pelvis is really aching now – what are the reasons for this? midwives response

I’ve never looked better – why is that? midwives response

I’m 36 weeks and have noticed that I suddenly feel a bit more comfortable and my breathing is easier – could this be because my baby’s head has engaged? midwives response

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