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Maintaining a Great Relationship Frequently Asked Questions
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Maintaining a Great Relationship

What is perineal massage? midwives response

I’m only a few weeks pregnant, but I’m tired all the time and don’t really want to know. Is that normal? midwives response

I’ve gone from an A cup to a size D – my husband hopes this will last forever, but it won’t will it? midwives response

I’m six months pregnant and I’m finding it really uncomfortable when we are making love, or I just don’t feel like it. Should I fake it? midwives response

Since we hit the second trimester I’ve wanted sex more than ever – why is this? midwives response

My baby’s due in four weeks and my boyfriend insists on regular sex and at times is quite forceful. He’s been a bit abusive lately, is it normal? midwives response

I somehow feel guilty about having sex now I’m pregnant. Will this change? midwives response

My placenta is lying low down and I’ve been told not to have sex. What would happen if we did it? I’m only 30 weeks pregnant midwives response

Is it best to stick to oral sex during pregnancy? midwives response

My partner doesn’t seem to want to have sex at all since I’ve become pregnant. Will he ever fancy me again? midwives response

Will having an orgasm cause me to go into labour? midwives response

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