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Antenatal Blood Tests During Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions
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Antenatal Blood Tests During Pregnancy

I’m 38 – will I have more tests because I’m older? midwives response

How many scans will I have, and when? midwives response

Will we have to pay for the scans? midwives response

I keep hearing confusing reports about scans – should I be having one? midwives response

What blood tests will I be having, and when? midwives response

There are lots of companies advertising scans and videos of your baby in the womb, is it safe to have one? midwives response

I’m pregnant through IVF – Will I be having more scans than normal midwives response

Can they really tell the sex of your baby early on? I’m 18 weeks and I’m not sure if I really want to know. midwives response

Can my partner come along for the scans? midwives response

There are twins in our family – will they be able to tell on the scan if I’m having twins. I’m 12 weeks pregnant now? midwives response

Will I get weighed at my antenatal appointments? midwives response

Do you have to drink pints of water before a scan? I’m scared I’ll have an accident midwives response

I’m so excited about seeing my baby on screen – will they give me a photo? midwives response

I’m quite scared about having my first scan. What does it feel like? midwives response

What is the difference between diagnostic tests and screening? midwives response

Is everyone offered amniocentesis? midwives response

What is on chorionic villus sampling/cordocentesis? midwives response

My friend is only 27 and she had a Down’s baby – how can that be when the risk increases with age? midwives response

How long will the scan last? midwives response

We’ve been told that our risk of having a baby with Downs Syndrome is very high. We don’t want any of the invasive tests to find out, as we know we’ll love the baby whatever happens. Can we refuse the diagnostic tests? midwives response

Will I have a test for HIV? midwives response

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