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Twins, Triplets and More Frequently Asked Questions
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Twins, Triplets and More

My partner wants to hire a Doppler so we can listen to the baby’s heartbeat – is this a good idea? midwives response

We are still in shock; the Midwife told us we were having triplets. I feel a bit numb and to be honest I feel scared to death, but my wife is over the moon. I think it’s hormones kicking in and she doesn’t appreciate the reality – where can I go for some advice? midwives response

We are expecting twins following IVF treatment. Although I knew it was possible I never thought it would happen to us and am wondering how we will cope. Will we? midwives response

Are all same sex twins identical? midwives response

How can they tell if they’re identical? midwives response

Will the side effects of pregnancy be much worse with a multiple pregnancy? midwives response

Will I love one twin more than the other? midwives response

Can I still have a normal birth even though I’m having twins? midwives response

I’m only 24 weeks pregnant, expecting twins and already I’ve got high blood pressure. Is there anything I can do? midwives response

Does taking folic acid increase the chances of having twins? midwives response

Will my triplets need to be delivered earlier than 40 weeks? midwives response

Will I need to lose one or more of my babies? midwives response

Will my weight gain be much greater than for someone who’s having just one baby? midwives response

Is it inevitable that I’ll have a Caesarean? midwives response

I’ve been told that one of my babies isn’t developing as well as the other. What will the doctors do? midwives response

What can go wrong if I have a vaginal delivery? midwives response

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