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Shopping for Baby Frequently Asked Questions
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Shopping for Baby

There are so many things to consider when buying for a new baby. What do I really need? midwives response

I'm not employed and don't have a lot of money - do I need everything new? midwives response

My mum wants to buy us something – what should I suggest? midwives response

Is it ok to get a second-hand car seat? midwives response

Do I need a pram, travel system, buggy? Help! midwives response

Why do I need a special mattress? midwives response

What bedding do I need? midwives response

What types of baby monitors are available? midwives response

Should I buy disposable nappies? midwives response

What baby changing items do I need aside from nappies? midwives response

Should we put a dimmer switch in the nursery? midwives response

When would be a good time to buy the essentials? I’m nervous about getting anything too early. midwives response

Should we buy a special baby bath or can she use our big bath? midwives response

Do I need to buy a cot yet, or should I just get the Moses basket to start with? midwives response

I want to breastfeed but should I buy some bottles just in case I can’t? midwives response

Should I buy a baby sleeping bag? Are they safe for newborns? midwives response

I’m planning to bottle-feed. What items do I need to get in advance? midwives response

I want our baby to sleep right next to us – is there a safe way to do this? midwives response

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