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The Last Weeks of  Your Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions
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The Last Weeks of Your Pregnancy

When will I start my antenatal classes and what types are there? midwives response

Is it useful to learn and practise breathing and relaxation exercises before the birth? midwives response

My baby’s in the breech position. How can I help it to move? midwives response

What triggers labour? midwives response

I’m overdue, and have heard that raspberry leaf tea can start labour. Is this true? midwives response

Should I practise possible positions for labour and birth beforehand? midwives response

Will my baby still turn? midwives response

I don’t want to go overdue. What can I do to help labour start? midwives response

I’m 39 weeks pregnant and my baby’s head still isn’t engaged. Is this something I should be worried about? midwives response

When should I pack my hospital bag? midwives response

What is the 'nesting instinct'? midwives response

Is it true that first babies are often late? midwives response

My baby’s in the breech position and we’ve been offered ECV. What is this? midwives response

My baby isn’t moving so much now – should I be worried? midwives response

I’m practically incontinent; is there anything I can do to stop this? midwives response

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