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Choosing Where to Give Birth Frequently Asked Questions
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Choosing Where to Give Birth

Where should I give birth – home or hospital? midwives response

When should I have my hospital visit? midwives response

Is it safe to have my baby at home? midwives response

I want to have my baby at home, what will I need to get ready? midwives response

I’m booked to have a Caesarean section; my baby is in the breech position. I would rather give birth naturally and my Midwife says I should talk to the Doctor, what do you think? midwives response

I keep reading about all these infections in hospital like MRSA – I’m worried about going in to have my baby. midwives response

Can I choose which hospital which hospital I’d like to give birth? or does it have to the nearest one to me? midwives response

What exactly is a hospital birthing unit? midwives response

I’ve got lots of ideas that I would like at my baby’s birth, like I don’t want to be on the monitor. Will they listen to me? midwives response

Can I ask for a private room in hospital after the birth? midwives response

Can I bring food into the labour room? midwives response

Who will be with me in the labour room? midwives response

I’ve heard stories about hospitals being understaffed and women not able to get a bed in hospital. Is this true? midwives response

Is it possible to have a water birth in hospital? midwives response

Can I use the birthing pool if I’ve had a previous Caesarean? midwives response

Can I deliver my baby in a birthing pool, or is just for labour? midwives response

My partner can’t drive – can we call an ambulance to take me to hospital? midwives response

What’s the difference between a birthing unit and a maternity department in a big hospital? midwives response

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