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When Baby Arrives Early - Premature Birth Frequently Asked Questions
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When Baby Arrives Early - Premature Birth

What is meant by premature? midwives response

I'm pregnant with triplets - how early will my babies need to be delivered? midwives response

If I go into labour prematurely, are the Doctors able to stop the contractions? midwives response

My partner has a cervical suture, and has been in hospital due to the increased risk of premature labour. What should I do about getting things ready at home? midwives response

Why do premature babies have breathing difficulties? midwives response

My premature baby has jaundice – what will be done to help her? midwives response

Our baby was born at 24 weeks and is now a month old and doing well, but I’m still afraid she may have brain damage. How will I know for certain? midwives response

Will I be able to hold my baby in special care? midwives response

My baby is in the special care baby unit and I’m trying to express milk every day, am I helping? midwives response

Is it dangerous for my preterm baby to have formula milk? midwives response

Do all hospitals have facilities for premature babies? midwives response

My first baby was born prematurely. Will it happen again? midwives response

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