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Am I in Labour?, How Will I Know? Frequently Asked Questions
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Am I in Labour?, How Will I Know?

How will I be able to tell that I’m really in labour? midwives response

What is a show? midwives response

When do I ring the hospital? midwives response

What do people mean when they talk about ‘waters breaking’? midwives response

Can I have a bath after my waters have broken? midwives response

What is ‘false’ labour? midwives response

Is it true that they’ll bring me straight into hospital if my waters have broken, even if contractions haven’t really started? midwives response

How will I be able to tell if they are ‘real’ contractions or just Braxton Hicks? midwives response

What do contractions feel like? midwives response

What if the Midwife doesn’t show up – we’re having a home birth? midwives response

They sent my friend home again – I don’t want that to happen to me midwives response

Can I eat when I go into labour? I’m a bit confused as I hear different advice midwives response

Will I be able to drive myself to hospital when labour starts? midwives response

What are the signs that it is too late to go to the hospital midwives response

Can I check how dilated I am by myself or get my husband to do it? midwives response

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