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Pain Relief in Labour Frequently Asked Questions
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Pain Relief in Labour

Last time I made a real idiot of myself screaming at my husband. I don’t want to lose control again – what do you advise? midwives response

Are 'relaxation classes' and 'childbirth classes' helpful? midwives response

Will I be able to use my TENS machine at the same time as other types of pain relief? midwives response

When is it best to start using gas and air? midwives response

Can moving around during labour help with the pain? midwives response

My midwife says that I can have my baby at home, but what pain relief will I be able to have? midwives response

Can a waterbirth help with pain? midwives response

I want an epidural but I’m afraid about having one – should I be worried? midwives response

I’ve heard that pethidine can make you feel sick, and the baby drowsy after the birth. Is this the case? midwives response

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