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All About INDUCTION OF LABOUR Frequently Asked Questions
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What happens if you go over your due date? midwives response

How overdue can I go before they want to induce me? midwives response

What’s happening to my baby after 40 weeks? midwives response

How will I be induced? midwives response

Can I refuse induction? midwives response

I’m quite scared about the idea of the sudden full-on contractions after induction. Will it be more painful? midwives response

What is a membrane sweep? midwives response

Will I need to be monitored continuously? midwives response

I don’t like the sound of the amniotic hook. What exactly is it? midwives response

Can my partner be present throughout? midwives response

What if I don’t go into labour? midwives response

An amniotic hook, Will it harm my baby? midwives response

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