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Birth Partners Frequently Asked Questions
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Birth Partners

Should I be with my partner as soon as she thinks labour has started? I’ve heard that first babies take ages to come. midwives response

We've had a few false starts and I think it's me panicking in case I don't get to the hospital in time. How can I calm down? midwives response

I’ve heard all kinds of stories about blokes in the labour ward – I want to be helpful but I have to say I’m nervous about being at the birth. midwives response

What should we do when I go into Labour? midwives response

Is massage useful during labour, or will my partner just finds it irritating when she’s trying to cope with so much pain? midwives response

How can I help my partner cope with the pain? midwives response

How will I feel when I see a male doctor examine my partner? Will I feel jealous? midwives response

I secretly want a boy, I haven’t told her – how will I cope if it’s a girl? midwives response

What if I pass out? midwives response

There is still some time to go before our baby is due but we have a little boy who suffered a lack of oxygen at the birth and although he is OK now, I’m really anxious about the actual delivery? midwives response

Will I be able to help cut the cord? midwives response

I really don’t want to be there, how will I tell her and who should go in my place? midwives response

What is a doula? midwives response

Can I have more than one birth partner? midwives response

Will I be able to video or photograph the birth? midwives response

Can we take food into the delivery room? midwives response

I’ve read that having a natural birth or a water births is safer and best for the baby. Should I persuade my wife to have one? midwives response

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