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All About CAESAREAN BIRTH Frequently Asked Questions
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What’s the difference between an emergency and elective caesarean? midwives response

What type of pain relief will I be given before the operation? midwives response

I haven’t had any problems during my pregnancy, everything has gone really well but I just don’t want to go through birth and feel all that pain. I just want a caesarean – is this possible? midwives response

I’ve had two previous C-sections and have been advised to have an elective caesarean this time. Is this really necessary? midwives response

Who will be in the operating theatre? midwives response

Can my partner still cut the cord? midwives response

Why do they do an emergency caesarean section? midwives response

I’ve got a really small pelvis apparently, I’m not too posh to push but I’ve been told I may need a caesarean section – is this right? midwives response

Will I be able to watch my Caesarean section operation if I want to? midwives response

Is a baby born by Caesarean section any different to a baby born vaginally? midwives response

What pain relief will I be given after the CS op? midwives response

Will I still be able to hold my baby immediately after the birth? midwives response

How soon will I be able to go home after a Caesarean section? midwives response

Is it fair to say that most doctors prefer do caesarean section it these days? midwives response

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