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Getting Back in Shape Following the Birth Frequently Asked Questions
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Getting Back in Shape Following the Birth

I still feel big. When will I be out of my maternity clothes? midwives response

How quickly will I lose the weight? midwives response

What are 'afterpains'? midwives response

I’m still bleeding heavily. Is it safe to use tampons? midwives response

How long will I have this discharge? midwives response

How can I get rid of my stretchmarks? midwives response

My stitches hurt - what’s the best way to ease the pain. midwives response

I’m losing weight fast but my tummy’s all flabby – how can I tighten it up. midwives response

I’ve still got a very big appetite – is this because of the breastfeeding? How much should I be eating now? midwives response

What will happen at my post-natal check-up? midwives response

I’m not breastfeeding – when will my periods start again? midwives response

I developed piles at the end of my pregnancy – will they go now the baby’s been born? midwives response

I’ve heard that breastfeeding helps you to lose the weight quicker. Is this true? midwives response

I’ve had a Caesarean section – When is it ok for me to go for a walk with the baby? midwives response

How long should I wait after my Caesarean before I can drive again? midwives response

I had an episiotomy and am terrified of going to the loo. Do you have any advice? midwives response

I had a long delivery and I’m worried that my vagina has been stretched. Will I ever get back to normal? midwives response

I feel such a mess – how can I get my self-esteem back? midwives response

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