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Depression Following the Birth Frequently Asked Questions
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Depression Following the Birth

What’s the third-day blues? Is it a myth? midwives response

I had my baby 3 weeks ago and I’m feeling really low – Is it just my hormones? midwives response

How long do the baby blues last? midwives response

Does everyone feel low in the first week? midwives response

I don’t want to get post-natal depression – What can I do to help myself? midwives response

We had our baby after IVF treatment and were totally elated throughout the pregnancy, but now I’m feeling incredibly low. How can this be? midwives response

What are the symptoms of post-natal depression? midwives response

How is post-natal depression treated? midwives response

I’m concerned for my girlfriend – we had a baby 6 weeks ago and she just seems to be so down about everything. I’m quite worried about her but she says everything is OK. What should I do? midwives response

I don’t know who to talk to. I feel I’m at breaking point inside although you would not tell from the outside because I look like a super mum – Do you think I’ve got post-natal depression? midwives response

My partner is so depressed – Do Dads get post-natal depression? midwives response

I had an awful birth and I can’t stop thinking about the details. How can I get over it? midwives response

My mother-in-law is trying to help but it feels as if she is undermining me all the time. How will I ever feel confident as a mum? midwives response

My partner seems to have a headache or “flu” every other day and wants me to look after him too. Is he jealous of the baby? midwives response

We’re both over the moon with our new baby and want to spend every minute with her? Does everyone feel like this? midwives response

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