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Now Three – a Family Frequently Asked Questions
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Now Three – a Family

I’ve waited such a long time to be part of a family, I was in foster care when I was growing up – I’m almost too scared to believe it and carry a worry that it won’t last? midwives response

I’ve been in my pyjamas all day; I just don’t seem to be getting on top of things since having my baby a couple of weeks ago. midwives response

My boyfriend has hardly been around since I brought our baby home – says he’s too busy but I think he’s not interested in his son – what can I do, I don’t want to be a lone parent? midwives response

I’m living with my mum & dad, and they help a lot but I’m only 18 and I want a life of my own too. I don’t want to ask them to baby sit at night too but I feel so lonely. midwives response

Can social services take my baby away, I’ve got a drug habit and I feel so bad about it? midwives response

I’m shattered because I’m trying to help my wife with the baby at night but my boss doesn’t understand how tired I feel – What can I do? midwives response

Interfering Mum or Mum in-law – how can I bring them up to date? midwives response

Our flat’s much too small and I want to move right away? midwives response

I want to go back to work as soon as I can. Is that a bad idea? midwives response

My Mum says she will do all the childcare for us. Does that work well for most families? midwives response

Are nurseries a bad thing for small babies? We can’t afford a nanny. midwives response

Our toddler is so jealous of the baby. I’m scared to leave them alone for a second. What can we do? midwives response

We have a cat and a dog? Are they a danger to our baby? midwives response

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