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Time for You as a Couple Frequently Asked Questions
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Time for You as a Couple

I use to dress really sexily but since having my baby my partner’s nagging me to get back into my jeans – Am I losing it? midwives response

We’ve been invited to a party ¬can we take our new baby with us? midwives response

My partner is so worried about germs she won't let us visit my sister (who admittedly is a bit sloppy about housework). How can I reassure her that it will be all right? midwives response

Our baby is 4 weeks old and my feelings have changed towards my partner - I feel a bit flat and I don't really know what to do. Do you have any advice? midwives response

How soon should I get a babysitter so that we can have a night out? midwives response

Should I wait until my post-natal check-up before we have sex again? midwives response

I’m the only mum in my group of friends – How can I relate to them because all I want to do is talk about my baby? midwives response

Should we put our new baby in bed with us? midwives response

Is it true that I don’t need birth control while I’m breastfeeding? midwives response

We want our baby to sleep in the same room as us, but how can we have sex while she’s sleeping so near to us? midwives response

I want some to put some romance back into our relationship but my husband seems to be avoiding sex at the moment. What can we do? midwives response

We had a baby six weeks ago but I still don’t feel ready for sex – is that normal? midwives response

My partner wants me to stop breastfeeding because he is jealous. What should I do? midwives response

Can I express milk so we can go out? midwives response

Will it harm my two-month-old baby if we leave him with his grandparents for the weekend while we go away? midwives response

My partner wants us to have a weekend away but I’m not ready to leave my baby yet (he’s only four months old). What should I do? midwives response

My wife wants to do everything herself and won’t let anyone else get a look in. Now my Mum’s offended. How can I help her relax a little? midwives response

Is it OK to leave the baby asleep in the car while I dash into a shop? midwives response

What happens if I decide to be a stay at home mum, do I have to give my maternity pay back? midwives response

I want to work right up to the birth – is that allowed? midwives response

I want to go back to work very quickly after the birth – how soon can I start? midwives response

How much will he cry or will he be asleep all the time (i.e. first two or three days) midwives response

My baby's foot is turned in and he may need a splint. What's wrong with him? midwives response

I want to have a great birth but you hear such awful stories – how can I remain positive. midwives response

I had a long menstrual cycle. I don’t think I’m as overdue as they say. Can nature take its course? midwives response

I’ve read the C-sections babies are brighter because they don’t have to go through birth. Is this true? midwives response

Is a baby born by C-section any different to a baby born vaginally? midwives response

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