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Exercising whilst pregnantExercising whilst pregnant
People tend to go one of two ways - You’ve got to be kidding – this is the one time in my life I get to eat as much as I like and not worry about what I look like! Or There’s no way I’m going to put on loads of weight and resemble a beached whale...
Is it safe?Is it safe?
It makes sense to me to choose a form of exercise that will support you throughout the pregnancy and target the areas that will be affected the most by the changes.
Different types of exerciseDifferent types of exercise
Different types of exercise benefits different parts of your body in different ways. Here's a handy table that covers the variations.
Time, calories and motivationTime, calories and motivation
Pregnancy experts calculate that you don't usually need to increase your calorie intake at all in the first six months (although some women find that eating is the only way to stave off nausea...) and after that, only by 200 calories a day - the equivalent to just one piece of toast and a banana!
Generic guidelines for you to follow whilst exercisingGeneric guidelines for you to follow whilst exercising
Providing you are fit and healthy and ready to begin your workout, there are a generic set of guidelines that you should follow when exercising
Guidelines for 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancyGuidelines for 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy
If you want a list of specific guidelines for each stage of your pregnancy then look here
How celebs do itHow celebs do it
Sick and tired of being exposed to gorgeous looking celebrities and their gorgeous pre and post baby bodies? Ever wondered how they do it? Now, this should make you feel a whole lot better
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