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Two minute guide to... Re-mortgagingTwo minute guide to... Re-mortgaging
We all try to get a good deal for ourselves, whether it's getting cheaper car insurance or buying our cornflakes on a "buy one get one free" at the supermarket. However, re-mortgaging is often the best thing you can do to save a substantial amount of money.
Top ten money saving tipsTop ten money saving tips
We’ve all heard how much it costs to raise a child for the first five years of its life. However, budgeting and planning can help stretch your finances, so here are midwivesonline.com’s Top Ten Tips for helping you make your money go further.
Two minute guide to... Child Trust FundsTwo minute guide to... Child Trust Funds
The Child Trust Fund is a savings and investment account for children, which can be opened with an initial funding of £250 from the Government. If you are eligible - make sure you don't miss out
Two minute guide to... Life InsuranceTwo minute guide to... Life Insurance
Without sounding too simplistic, life insurance is insurance against dying. You pay each month to an insurance company and if you die they pay an agreed sum to your dependents. It helps to protect families against financial hardship should a parent die.
Two minute guide to... MortgagesTwo minute guide to... Mortgages
A mortgage is essentially a loan from a bank or building society which is paid back over a number of years. However it's almost certainly going to be the biggest amount of money that you'll ever have to borrow so it's important you choose what's right for you
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