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Maternity Benefits Frequently Asked Questions
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Maternity Benefits

My Manager said I can’t have time off for my antenatal clinic, is this true? midwives response

When is the best time to tell my employer that I’m pregnant? midwives response

Can you tell me about the new baby funding from the Government? midwives response

Since I’ve told my boss I’m pregnant he has been really dismissive and it’s like he resents me, what should I do? midwives response

Will I get my job back after having my baby? midwives response

How long can I stay at home after I’ve had my baby? midwives response

Am I allowed to take additional time off, unpaid, after my maternity leave ends? midwives response

Do I have a right to do certain tasks at work during my pregnancy if they might put my health or the baby’s at risk? midwives response

We’re expecting our first child and I want to know all about paternity leave for Dad’s. midwives response

The company is talking of redundancy – can they get rid of me when I’m on maternity leave? midwives response

My friend came back to work and was demoted – can they do that? midwives response

I want to work part time after my baby is born – is that a right? midwives response

What’s maternity allowance? midwives response

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